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For over 60 years from Asia to Africa, North America to Europe, South America to Australia, Bel-Ray products serve the world lubrication. The leader in lubrication technology, Bel-Ray lubricants have been submerged in submarines to the depths of the ocean flor, traveled to moon, weathered chilling arctic cold and wet, and defied the harsh desert dust and heat. Bel-Ray research scientists develop our products for a broad spectrum of applications. Our expertise and innovative technology goes into each product.






Industrial Lubricants

Using Bel-Ray to lubricate your machinery gives your entire business a boost. We help reduce costs and increase production across a wide range of industries. Bel-Ray releases the full potential of your machinery. Each moving part works more efficiently, which reduces your energy consumption and gives your equipment a longer life-expectancy. You cut down on maintenance and replacement parts costs because there’s less wear and tear. Choose Bel-Ray products and you’re choosing to make your machinery more effective. Bel-Ray is manufactured in the USA, combining the latest technology with the finest raw materials. Take care of your production line as well as your bottom line.




Mining Lubricants

For over fifty years, Bel-Ray has been the hardest working lubricant in the mining industry. Through our Total Lubricant Partnership (TLP) we help you choose the best solutions for your machinery, always matching the right products to the right application. This custom-fit approach helps release the full potential of your mining operations. Maintenance costs are reduced and breakdowns are kept to a minimum. Everything flows more smoothly so productivity increases and you maximize the value of your equipment. We also find ways to reduce your lubricant consumption and lessen your impact on the environment. Manufactured in the USA, Bel-Ray has a global support network to meet your specific needs. In an industry like mining where you can’t afford to take any risks, Bel-Ray is right for the job.


Food Grade Lubricants

Bel-Ray® is also highly specialized in No-Tox®  lubricants which are intensively used in DIARY, POULTRY, MEAT, BAKERY, PHARMACEUTICAL, and BAVEREGE industries. All Bel-Ray® No-Tox® products are NSF, H1, HT1, 3H certified,  and also Kosher and Pareve.


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