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Company Profile

Egemay Co.Ltd., with it’s specialized and experienced human sources is offering the undisputable products of the world brands to the Turkish market since the year 2006. In the begining years of the foundation of the company we solely involved in distributing and marketing the products of Delimon Gmbh. And Röhm Gmbh. İn the Eagean region of Turkey. In the late 2007’s we started to distribute and market the industrial lubricants of Bel-Ray® Co.Inc. also, together with the centralized lubrication systems and chucking tools. Begining of the year 2011 Egemay Co.Ltd. has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Bijur-Delimon Intl. products for the territory of Turkey. We have been authorized to distribute and sell the centralized lubrication systems and components of DELIMON®, and FARVAL® to the Steel Industry. The sense of responsibility lead us to organize the necessary marketing team and we established business partners in İstanbul and Adana to handel the inquiries of the steel mills located in their region. Our mission is to add value to the products of Turkish industry with the high quality products of the companies which we represent. Our principles are based on customer satisfaction, after sale service, technical support and training. Consequently we construct our sales policy on long term customer relations and satisfaction.