Company Profile

Established in January 2006, Egemay Ltd. Şti. offers products of indisputable quality of world brands to Turkish markets with its experienced managers and employees. Our company, with its experience of over 100 years, produces DELIMON®, BIJUR®, FARVAL®, DENCO® and LUBESITE® brand central lubrication systems and their components and parts, produced by the world-famous BIJUR DELIMON INTERNATIONAL® company, in the Iron and Steel, heavy industry cranes and metal industry sectors. While it is the distributor in Turkey and meets the needs of these sectors, it also operates in the installation of turnkey central lubrication systems.

Our company also serves as the Aegean Region distributor of the highly qualified and high-quality work and tool clamping equipment produced by the German company RÖHM®, which is known all over the world with its experience of more than 100 years, and meets the needs of high-quality and high-quality work and tool clamping equipment especially preferred by our industrial organizations engaged in machining production. It is also the Turkish distributor of the Spanish company SAMOA’s pneumatic oil and grease pumps and service equipment, and carries out the marketing and distribution of these products.

Our mission is to create added value for the production of our entrepreneurial industrialists, who are the indisputable presence of the Turkish economy, which grows day by day and is remembered with admiration in the world public opinion, with the world brands we represent. Because; Customer satisfaction, after-sales service and technical training are the leading principles of our company. Accordingly, our sales policies are created with the aim of establishing our relationships with our customers on healthy and long-term foundations.